SO DARK THE NIGHT by Mark Bernes

Translated from Russian by Victor P. Sklyarow

So dark the night, only bullets do buzz over head,
Only wind whizzes weary wires, and the stars glimmer dimly
So dark the  night, but my darling won’t go to bed
Rocking cradle with baby tonight sudden tear you wipe grimly.

How I do love silent depth of your innocent eyes
Oh, how I wish to touch them with my lips this moment
So dark the night separates us beloved my wife,
And the barren dark no-man’s land makes me insolvent.

I trust in you, my unfailing magnificent light,
And this trust kept me safe in dark night bullets shot at me hampered
I’m full of joy and so calm in ignivomous fight
For I know you will meet me with love just whatever would happen.

No fear of death, we’ve met it many times in the field
Even just now it continues new victims trapping
You wait for me rocking cradle you are not asleep
And therefore I am really sure nothing bad ever happen!


Victor P. Sklyarow is an experienced translator and poet from Novorossiysk, Russia.

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